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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blissful Booty Review and Giveaway -- CLOSED

This giveaway is CLOSED.

Congrats to Meredith Klobucnik!!

A few weeks ago I received a bag of fluffy goodness from Cathy, owner of Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers (who is local to the DFW area!).  She had contacted me about doing a review on her diapers, since I promote her business for the DFW Cloth Diaper Group.  In this goody bag were 2 Blissful Booty AIO diapers (size large), a 10-pack of wipes, a 5-pack of booster pads, a 4-pack sampler of  wipe water concentrate, a 6 oz spray bottle, and a natural lip balm.  I was unable to continue using the lip balm, though.  I really liked it... until the hives appeared (I am allergic to certain ingredients in some lip balms, this isn't the first time it's happened).

The Blissful Booty AIO has a soft waterproof out shell, a microfiber terry inner, an incredibly soft microfleece to wick moisture away from baby's booty, and inner gussets to contain any mess.  It is a sized diaper.  Using the sizing on her website, I told Cathy E needs a large (which said "large 21-35 lbs").  E is about 33" tall and 29 lbs.  The large fits him great, if not a bit big.  He has PLENTY of growing room in this diaper!  The hook & loop tabs need to be overlapped to give him a good fit. 

I was so excited to try this diaper that I had been hearing so much about.  I was proud that a local business woman (and mom) was creating such a buzz in the cloth diapering world.  As soon as we got home from a trip to a nature museum, I put the unwashed Blissful Booty CD on E.  He wore it for 4 hours before I finally decided to change him.  There were no signs of leaking anytime soon, but I hated that he had gone so long in the same diaper (I normally change him every 2 hours, but wanted to put the diaper to the test).  4 hours was my limit.  It didn't seem to bother E (who, surprisingly, did not poop in a brand new diaper!).

I was hooked then and there, and my nerves about trying it overnight were calmed.  He has gotten to the point where he needs a lot of absorbancy overnight.  A BumGenius 3.0 double stuffed does not last the night.  I added 2 of the booster pads to the BB, still a little unsure, but there were no leaks when he woke up!

Since the BB is an AIO, I expected it to take a long time to dry.  I was wrong.  It only need one cycle (an hour) on low heat to fully dry.  The other AIO's I have need about 80-90 minutes on low (and one even needs to be line dried overnight after all that time in the dryer).  So I would say it's a quick drying AIO.  I will soon be getting a clothesline, so I do not know yet how long it takes to line dry. 

I do want to mention that after the first wash/dry, part of the seam on the back elastic came undone, exposing the elastic.  I did inform Blissful Booty about it, just so they know, but it never effected the function of the diaper in any way.  If I knew how to sew, it would be a simple fix.  Cathy offered to stitch it up for me. 

The wipes are large enough to actually get a messy bottom clean, without getting your hands dirty.  I have tried a few cloth wipes before, but prefer store brand baby wash cloths.  But I find myself reaching for the BB wipes, especially for those really messy diapers.  One side grabs messy poo, the other side is smooth against baby's skin.

The wipe water concentrates smell so yummy!!  The four scents I got are Sugar Cookie, Jasmine Vanilla, CoCo Mango, and Baby White Tea.  So far I have used the Sugar Cookie and CoCo Mango.  Only 1/2 tsp is needed for every 6 oz of water, which goes a long way.  Not only does it smell good, but it also works!  I have tried several recipes for homemade wipe solution with no success.  I have been using plain water.  But I am loving the BB wipe solution!

I now know why there has been such hype about Blissful Booty.  It is a trim, absorbant, quick-drying easy to use diaper, backed by great customer service!  Despite the back seam coming undone, I love this diaper.  If E didn't have way more diapers than he needs, I would be getting more.

This giveaway is CLOSED.
How would you like to win a Blissful Booty AIO?  Since Cathy gave me 2 diapers, and, as I mentioned, E does not need any more, I decided to do a giveaway! 

Here's what one lucky person will win:
1 Blissful Booty AIO cloth diaper, size large
2 booster pads
1 sample size wipe water concentrate (Jasmine Vanilla)

Here's how to enter:  CLOSED
Leave 1 comment letting me know you have done all 3 things.  Leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.
1.  Follow my blog.
2.  Like my Facebook page (leave your fb name so I can confirm).
3.  Tell me one thing that your child did today that made you smile.

Winner will be drawn on March 31 (using 


  1. child giggled so hard when we did "crazy legs" in the living room!


  2. My baby girl signed 'more' today!!

    Hillary Wenrich
    hillbills95 at yahoo dot com

  3. Addison is learning how to giggle- and today when I picked her up at the sitters- she smiled so hard, and tried to talk- I got half a giggle!!

    I am following your blog and liked your page!
    Macy Hansen

  4. i like you one FB and follow your blog! My son 6 and daughter 4 help ther uncle till my backyard ...They were cover from head to toe in mud... They tried to be such big helpers today! even though it was a huge mess.... my 7 month old baby boy and i laughed at them "helping" all evening

  5. I follow you via GFC (AlishaS) I LIKE you on facebook (Alisha Ducnan)
    Today my son decided that today would be a good day to play in the toilet. Yup he was a splish splashin in the bowl!
    Thank you for the chance!

    leashae_18 at hotmail dot com

  6. My 4 month old son is starting to giggle more every day and that puts a big smile on my face!

    Melissa Morris

  7. Today Zachary gave me and dh kisses back and forth. Rylan grabbed my cheeks and gave me a kiss or wiped drool on me however you want to look at it :)

  8. My five year old made me laugh today when she was walking around pretending to be daddy..
    My 9 month old made me laugh today when she found her ears and kept pulling on them.

  9. I follow you with GFC and on Facebook. Today my daughter (3 months) giggled again and my son (3.5 yrs) explained decay to me! I had just taught him about it the other day.

    Mintee Mama (Larissa)

  10. 1. I'm a blog follower (as Andrea G.)
    2. I like your Facebook page as Andrea Grupe
    3. We are just now prepping for number one, so we don't have little ones to make us smile. I have a furbaby though, and she makes me laugh all the time (but I don't know if she counts).

    a underscore stro at yahoo dot com

  11. 1. I follow your blog
    2. I like your FB page - Michelle Tiemann
    2. This morning my 7mo old was covering my face with his sweet baby kisses and gifting me with many smiles after his 5am nursing...that made me smile, such a great way to start my day. Lovin' from my wee ones (I have 4 so far under the age of 5) always makes me smile <3

  12. Leigh Buehler-RappoldMarch 23, 2011 at 8:28 AM

    Dude you know I follow you! :) Jude played hide and seek this morning behind our sheers in the dinning room, acting like we couldn't see him straight through the sheers! But of course, we indulged his silly little self! I love that boy!

  13. I was getting ready for church the other morning so my husband was holding out little man. He walked by the closet, where I was standing in the dark trying to find a shirt to wear and when Will spotted me he let out the happiest shriek! It made my day!

    Facebook name: Clayre Turner

  14. I follow your blog.
    I 'like' you on facebook
    Today has just started but Brittin was so excited to see the birds in the front yard this morning. :)

  15. I follow your blog, and 'Like' you on facebook!

    My 4 year old told me he wants to be a cowboy when he grows up. As I came out of my room this morning my son was on top of our dog trying to explain to him (the dog) how to gallop and get bad guys. It was pretty funny.

  16. 1. I am following your blog
    2. I have liked your FB page for a while now
    3. My son Zane, 6.5 months, played peek a boo with me today till I cried laughing so hard at his laugh!

    Christina Upchurch

  17. I am following this Blog and am now a fan on your FB page. Definitely running around outside with my kids, I love when we have nice weather!

  18. I am following this blog and I am fan on FB. My email address is and my FB user name is Mindy Shartle Sather.
    Today, my kid had to wear his crocs into the bath tub! He cracks me up on a daily basis!! It amazes me how fast they become opininated little people!

  19. I am following your blog and I am a fan on facebook - Heather Richards Gibbs. My email is

    Just one thing that made me smile? First thing this morning he woke me up by rubbing and playing with my hair, when I opened my eyes he let out a soft and very sweet little giggle clearly proud of himself for waking me. He is SUCH a sweet little boy!

  20. I read your blog
    I "like" your fb page (Debbie Davis)
    My email is

    I am still growing my baby but today the girl I sit for got to feel my baby kick in my belly. So sweet.

  21. I follow your blog
    I like you on facebook- Lacey Pyle mason

    My baby signed his first word today, milk! It was so cute ;)

  22. I follow your blog
    I like your fb (Virginia Brown)

    My baby girl played peek-a-boo with me with her blanket today and smiled BIG laughing when she'd pull it back.

  23. Today my son sat at the window or door almost all day watching his daddy work on his truck.. it was so sweet!!

  24. GFC Follower: westfd
    FB fan: Jennifer Rojo

    My son is not born yet but I loved how he was jumping around like crazy in there while the preacher gave his sermon today. Like he was worshiping right along with us.

  25. I liked you on FB and I follow your blog! Molli Gentry

    Today my Daughter had her first food via BLW. She loved her celery stick!!!

  26. I follow your blog, I like you on facebook heidi reall daily, and there are so many things she does every day to make me smile but today the thing that stands out the most was walking from the kitchen island to me in the living room(she's learning to walk and this was a long distance for her)
    heididaily at gmail dot com

  27. new blog follower - found you from the blissful booty fb page
    like you on fb - kim mcintosh
    my daughter (who is almost 6 months) - gave kisses for the first time yesterday and signed for milkies (breastfeeding) today - love it, so awesome!
    mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

  28. Today to make me smile....
    my son (4) made me actually LAUGH OUT chuck e cheese for a birthday party, this kid was pitching a fit on the floor, kicking and screaming and what not, his dad was just looking at him, Brayden (my son) goes over to the dad and says " see, him is crazy, him needs a nap, he cant play here anymore" well well my bossy man! LOL
    my daughter ( 5 months) did an evil laugh while I was feeding her and she spit out her food! she did the whole Mwahahahahahaha thing!

    I did it all! LOL

  29. Follow via GFC, name is Sarah.
    Already 'liked' you on facebook, name is Sarah Robinson.

    Today, my 21 month old used her toy watering can to dunk in the toilet and drink out of. I caught her doing this more than once today.

  30. follow your blog via gfc. Like you on FB (Rachel Neufeld). My baby boy made me laugh when he was giggling away playing with his ball with Daddy:)

    richardrachel at hotmail dot com

  31. 1. I follow you through google friends
    2. I liked you on FB (Amanda Briggs)
    3. My son today said that he was the parent & that's why he wasn't in bed yet.


  32. I follow your blog via Google Connect! :)
    I like you on facebook (Stephanie Hofland)
    My daughter always makes me smile - but lately she's been really close to crawling, and has been doing the plank! It makes me laugh.. do you know how hard I work to do the plank? And here's my not quite 9 month old making it look easy-peasy! hahaha

  33. Following blog- kmwoodring. Following FB- Kristine Woodring

    My hubby kissed my son goodbye as he was leaving for work and my son yelled with joy! Almost like he was saying goodbye. It was super cute!

    kmwoodring (at) hotmail (dot) com

  34. Elisheva Meier/EllieMarch 28, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    I follow your blog--Ellie
    I am a fan on FB--Elisheva Meier Davidovics
    My oldest daughter sang to her baby sister and made her smile.
    enm14 at columbia dot edu

  35. I follow your blog
    I became a fan on FB- Michelle Salinas Medrano

    My baby was born 3 and 3/4 months premature she will be 7 months old on the April 3rd. I have been working on getting her to roll over on her own without my support. This morning my oldest had her on her belly and came in screaming she did it. When I put her back on her belly she sure did! She rolled over. I was ecstatic, laughed and cried tears of joy.

  36. I follow on GFC
    I follow on FB as Him Me and The Wee Three
    My 6yr old casually mentioned this morning that its Monday and that we all know he isnt a Monday morning kinda person. He drives me crazy. But its had not to laugh at him!

    himmeweethree @ ymail . com

  37. I follow via GFC Leslie Family
    FB: rachel.leslie

    My daughter held up my phone and said cheese to our new puppy. (trying to take her picture)

  38. I follow you blog.
    I like you on FB.
    And today my son made me smile when he rolled a car around the living room and coffee table. It was pretty cute!

    etwilkins at gmail dot com

  39. I follow your blog (JLJMommy).
    New FB fan of yours. Kimberlie S.Tiegen
    My son made me smile today when he gave me his usual big cheesy grin after his nap.
    ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  40. facebook fan - Kari Meeker
    following on GFC

    and my daughter has now squeezed between the couch and the end table in order to play with my water bottle. she has gone to great lengths to do this and makes me wonder why i've bothered buying all the toys that currently sit dormant. :)

  41. We are expecting #1 who is growing in my belly which made me smile today and every day :)

    nicoletteamay at yahoo dot com

    Thank You!

  42. my sweet almost 6 month old was working on the sitting up thing today!!! YAY MR FEISTY!!!

  43. I follow your blog as Jaimie.
    I like you on FB as Jaimie Krupp.
    My girlie looked so stinkin cute in her brown fuzzibunz, first time wearing it, second day only of wearing cloth diapers. :)
    jaimiemildred at gmail dot com

  44. Hi Brenda!
    I like you fb page
    I love a good blog product review :)
    And my 19 month old son made me smile today when he felt his sister move in my belly and laughed.

    My email is

  45. follow the blog
    like your FB page
    My toddler got his hair cut today and was soooo good, I was so proud of him :-) And he used the potty all day with no accidents! Really everything my kids do makes me smile... LOL

    apricot55 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  46. HI! I follow your blog, I like your fb page & my 2 year old told me when he woke up he wanted to "stay home today and play with mommy!"

    my email is

  47. I'm a co-bedder to my LO and every morning he wakes up he smiles at me and it just makes my heart melt and I smile right back, how can you have a bad morning when your LO smiles at you!

  48. I follow your blog and liked you on FB- Joanie Orzechowski

    Waking up next to my daughter makes me smile. I look at her and she looks at me smiling, rolls over and touches my face as if to say good morning! Love it!

  49. I am following your blog with GFC (momarabbit)

    I like you on Facebook (Momarabbit Wakelin)

    My wee one recently learned to roll over. While having tummy time her face lights up every time she realizes she can do it by herself. It puts a smile on my face to see her learning and growing into a little person each and every day.

    eagerembalmer AT msn DOT com

  50. 1. Follow your blogas Brooke Schwaderer
    2. Like your Facebook page as Brooke Schwaderer
    3. My 2 year old shared his brownie with my 5 month old while I was making beds. He didn't eat any of it but it was nice to share:)

    anjellfire at gmail dot com

  51. I like you on facebook name is Jessica Marie Gumble

  52. Ellen Finnerty
    Liked and following publicly

    I read Winnie the Pooh (full version) book to my dd almost every night. Since she's 7 1/2 mo, she looks at me and chews her board book while I read aloud. Love the quiet bonding moments and hoping I'm helping to raise another reader in the world :D

  53. I'm flowing you on here and facebook :) my Isababy is 11 months old and when she was breastfeeding she blow a raspberry on me, it made me lol !!!!

  54. Stephanie Girard
    My 3 year old gives my 1 year old kisses all over! They love each other so much!

  55. I follow your blog on GFC!
    I like you on FB - Rachel Dove.
    a_little_monster at hotmail dot com

    Well, both of my boys(3.5yo & 2.5 wo) are sick this morning, so I'll have to say that having my oldest sleep in makes me smile! I know how important rest is to get better, and I'm not having to argue with him to do it when he oversleeps in the morning.

  56. I follow your Blog and like your FB (Kimberly Litzel)

    and my 2 year old who doesn't talk woke me up today by touching my face and saying Mom for the first time. The best morning ever!!!!

  57. I follow your blog as DoChara Tollers
    I like your FB page as Roseanne Bunger
    I leave for work at 5:45 in the morning, I nursed my 3 month old son before I left the bed, that makes me smile, plus when I went to the kitchen my 8 year old son was already up (sets his own alarm) had made his lunch, put out the puppies to potty, and was eating breakfast =) And as I headed out the door my 14 year old son, came out of his room, dressed, and said bye Mom! Who can not smile when everything can coordinate so well, that life is good?

  58. 1. I follow via GFC (Michelle Therrien)
    2. I like on Facebook (Michelle Webb-Therrien)
    3. I was smothered in kisses and hugs by my 9 month old when Daddy brought him to be bed to see me (I broke my foot - normally I'm the one that goes and gets him in the morning).

  59. I am following your blog as Amber and like you on facebook as Amber Dickerson. My daughter makes me smile when her face lights up in the mornings when she sees me for the first time. Her Dad brings her to me in bed so we can nurse quietly. It is so sweet.

  60. I followed via Twitter...angelgirlrrt
    I liked on Facebook.....Patti ONeil

    My kids always make me smile and hearing my daughter say I luv u every morning or my son calling saying I luv u. But today was talking with a coworker and getting excited about my new baby coming knowing he/she will be so loved.