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Sunday, January 9, 2011

FABulous Night!

Please see my follow up post about the Thrirsties Duo Fab Fitteds.

Recently E's night diapers have been leaking more times than not.  So the search for a new night time diaper began!  The BumGenius 3.0's just aren't cutting it anymore as he's gotten older and bigger.  The hook & loop is so worn out that rather than investing in either new BG 4.0's or converting the 3.0's to snaps (and also buying new more absorbant inserts), I decided to try new options.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to fall off the wagon!  And who doesn't love trying out new fluff?!

I saw via Facebook that a local cloth diaper shop (the Nappy Shoppe) was going to be open all day, so I decided to stop in and see what I could find.  I talked to the shop owner about what I need, and she suggested the new Thirsties DUO Fab Fitted, with a G-Flapper Insert (made of hemp and bamboo).  I love how the new Duo Fab Fitted offers a pocket to add extra absorbancy as needed.  I decided to try it. 

Let me tell you before getting to the review that I do not have the fitted love.  I've tried them, but sold them off since I never used them.  I prefer to use pockets, wahm AI2's (work-at-home-made all in two's), or AIO's (all in one's).  And even though E has only worn the Fab Duo one night, I highly doubt my opinion is going to change, except maybe for the better!

For reference, Elijah is 14 months old, ~24 lbs, and ~30" tall.

Here is what I used for E's overnight diaper.  The Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted size 2 in Meadow, Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2 in Blackbirds, and a G-Flapper insert.

Here is the Thirsties Fab Duo on the small, medium, and large rise settings.  And the inside with the G-Flapper already in the pocket.  As you can see, there are actually 2 openings, which should allow the insert to agitate out in the wash!  The inner of this diaper is so soft!

Here it is on E (note that red mark on his leg is from his jeans not the diaper).  Since I got snaps, I couldn't get the perfect fit on him around the waist.  This looks a little snug, but one snap back it was a little loose.  The velcro would ensure a better fit, but I prefer snaps for their durability (though Thirsties seems to have good velcro).  It is on the smallest rise setting.  The elastic is very stretchy!  The medium rise setting left gaps around his thighs, even with an extra insert.  And yes, that is a CD keychain. ;)

Here is a side and back view of the diaper on E.  It isn't super trim, but I'm not expecting that for his night diaper.  I have not used the regular Fab Fitted, but I did compare them side by side at the CD store where I bought this.  The Fab Duo is not as trim as the regular Fab Fitted, but I like how it's the duo size to allow a better fit longer, and I love the pocket to add extra absorbancy!  I prefer OS diapers over sized so I do not need to continually buy a new stash as LO grows, so this was a huge appeal to me in buying this diaper.

And here is the front and back view of the Duo Wrap on him.

This lasted all night, no leaks!  I even BF'd him 3 times (twice overnight and once in bed before getting up to change his diaper in the morning).  The outer fabric of the Fab Duo was wet, but not completely soaked.  I will definitely buy more of these and use them as his new nighttime diaper!! 

The one thing I do not like so far is the dry time.  It was in the dryer on low heat for about 1 hour 15 minutes (the other diapers usually dry in about 50 minutes, but this was still really wet so I added another 25 minutes).  It was his bedtime and it still wasn't completely dry, so I turned it inside out and dried on high for another 15 minutes.  That really helped.  I would imagine it would take a really long time to line dry since it took so long in the dryer.

So, I love it!  Even though I don't love fitteds, I like this one for overnight!  When I bought it I didn't realize it just started shipping last week, and that I am one of the first to try it out.  I hope this helps you if you've been thinking about buying one.

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