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Changing Diapers: the Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Smart Choice

Last year my reseach into which cloth diapers to try led me to Smartipants.  At the time, I had 2 in diapers, a young infant and a 2.5 year old.  I loved the idea of a one-size design so I could use the same diaper for both kids.  The biggest appeal to me, though, was the sleeve design.  This pocket diaper has 2 openings for the insert, in both the front and back.  This feature allows the microfiber insert to agitate out in the wash.  I decided to try a 3-pack, but I was already hooked before they arrived!!

Smartipants offers a sleeve design, so the insert agitates out in the wash!

I soon fell in love!  The outer material is very soft.  Riley could wear them on the largest rise setting, while Elijah could wear them on the medium setting.  Since Elijah was 2 months old before we started CDing, I do not have experience CDing a newborn.  But, imo, I do not think they would be good for an itty bitty, since even at the smallest setting, the leg holes seem a little big for a newborn.  Smartipants now offers the "Little Smarti" newborn diaper, an AIO with hook & loop closure.  When Elijah was little, he was a chunker!  Nearly 21 lbs by 4 months.  I loved how the Smartipants fit snugly on his chunky thighs with no leaks.

Left to right, largest to smallest rise settings.  Notice that the wings overlap.
 The OS pocket only offers a snap closure.  I must say the snaps on this diaper are very durable!  And so is the diaper itself.  They are used daily, but after almost a full year of use, they still look almost brand new!

I also love how the inserts have a green edge.  It makes it very easy to find them when putting away the diapers.  You see, I'm a little weird and OCD when it comes to the diapers.  I have to use the original insert that came with the diaper (brand only, though, otherwise it would get confusing!).  I do have a couple diapers that did not come with inserts, so for those I have either bought new inserts or just use extras that I have around.

I have tried Smartipants for overnight on Elijah, and they are just....okay.  The pocket does not leave a lot of room to add extra inserts (unless they are thin), and the single microfiber insert isn't enough for E all night (even when he was little).  I think they are very absorbant, though for regular daytime use.  And they hold in poop extremely well!  Not once did E have a poosplosion while wearing Smartipants. 

E at 3.5 months, Riley at 2.5 years

Elijah, at 10 months.
I am normally not a fan of pastel colors.  However, I do like the color choices for Smartipants.  Most of the colors (except pink and purple) are gender neutral.  This definitely makes them a good choice in the long run, since we are planning another baby in a couple years.  Even if we have a girl, she would be able to wear these very same diapers!  I do wish they offered more color choices, but in addition to their current choices, not in place of.  My favorite color is the chocolate brown, which is now only sold occasionally in special 3 packs.  
Despite my cloth diaper addiction and *need* (hehe) to try every cloth diaper ever made, I still love my Smartipants!!  I still reach for them daily, despite all the adorable printed diapers E has.

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  1. We love our Smartipants too. I too was sold on the smart sleeve before they ever arrived - not only do they come out in the wash - but I find it easier to get the stuffings in and straight.
    For overnights we stuff with the regular insert with a Knickernappies super-do behind it - it's full, but it fits and it still agitates out.