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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doodle Dypes Review

Riley loved this Mickey print!!!
 Before our big trip to California last year to visit my brother and sister-in-law, I just had to have a couple of Mickey Mouse diapers.  We were planning on spending 2 days at Disneyland, and I thought it would be cute for E to show his love for Mickey (even though he was only 6 months at the time).  I put an "ISO" (in search of) post up on a board on in hopes that someone somewhere could help me out.  I got a couple of response, including one for a super cute Mickey Mouse comic strip print made by a new company, Doodle Dypes

E's first Doodle Dype!
I bought it and loved it!  I even posted on my facebook page that I was in love with the diaper because of how cute it was!!  I know all of you fellow CD addicts understand that statement.

I soon wanted more Doodles.  I slowly bought more, even participated in a couple of co-ops.  Elijah received 4 Doodle Dypes as Christmas presents!  At one point, E had 18!!!  I sold a few of the older style (I'll get to that in a sec), since his cloth diaper stash is somewhat large, not all of the Doodles were being worn much.  Now he has 14.  I gave the Mickey Doodle to my pregnant sister-in-law, with the stipulation that if I wanted it back it was mine.  I couldn't bear to sell it, since it was the diaper that started it all, but the older style doesn't fit E as well now that he's getting bigger.  For me to have that many of a single brand says a lot!  I love a variety of CD's in E's stash, but love love love his Doodles!

E dancing in one of the Doodles he got for Christmas!
I will do this review for the newer style Doodle Dypes, since that is what is made now.  I will include some pics of E in older style Doodles, though.  Although the older style does still fit him okay, I prefer the fit of the newer style. 

Obviously, this was taken before Riley was potty trained.  I love this photo!!
Doodle Dypes makes mostly AI2's (all in two's -- meaning a waterproof shell with a snap in soaker, only intended for 1 use before washing).  Sandy, the WAHM (actually, grandmother!) behind Doodle Dypes, also makes fitteds, pockets, and Dynky Doodles (newborn dypes).  I have only ever used the AI2's, since I love them so much!  The AI2's are One Size diapers, with a fold down rise.  They fit babies approximately 8-35+ pounds, with a generous 18" rise. 

Folded down for a smaller rise.
Unfolded for a larger rise.

The elastic is super stretchy, and the wings have cross-over snaps for a great fit.  Doodle Dypes provides a large, ever growing selection of the most adorable fabrics!  This is one of the many reasons I love Doodles, is the large selection of cute boy prints!!  When ordering customs or co-op dypes, I had the hardest time selecting which fabrics I wanted, since they are all so dang cute!  She also chooses complimentary color snaps for each dype to make it look it's best. 

Snake style soaker makes it easy to customize absorbancy for your LO.
The inner of the waterproof shell of the AI2 is made of microchamois, which is oh-so-soft, yet helps prevent wicking.  The snake style soaker is made of all OBF (organic bamboo fleece), unless you specify that you want it topped with OBV (organic bamboo velour), CV (cotton velour), or Microchamois.  The great thing about the snake style soaker is that you can customize it to your child's needs.  For example, for my son, I fold it towards the front so it is most absorbant there.  But for a girl, you can fold it so it is most absorbant in the middle. 

Old styles.

Current Style.  The leg elastic ruffles, which helps prevent wicking.
The elastic is very stretchy for a great fit!
Doodle Dypes are incredibly absorbant!  E can wear them for hours without leaking through.  He has not worn it overnight, but it is great for naptime.  I'm sure if I added more absorbancy to it (such as a hemp insert), it would be ok for overnight, but I prefer to save these super cute dypes for daytime use.  The older style Doodles do leak/wick if he is in them for too long (+2 hours), but the new style does not.  They also contain some of the nastiest teething poo's. 

So here I am raving about this amazing diaper, but that's not even the best part.  Sandy provides the best customer service!!  I can not tell you enough how much she cares about her customers.  If there is ever a problem, she does what she can to help you fix it.  Communication is also prompt.  She appreciates every customer. 

photo by
Surely Sweet Photography
Doodle Dypes is currently celebrating their 1 year anniversary!  I'm not surprised at how popular Doodle Dypes are, since Sandy makes wonderful diapers and provides 5 star customer service.  However, with the popularity, it is very hard to "score" a Doodle.  You need to "stalk" her website and be ready to click "buy now" the millisecond they are up or you miss out.  Sandy stocks her Hyena Cart every Wednesday afternoon.  It is actually a lot of fun trying to "win" the Doodle! 

To sum it up:  top quality, adorable fabrics, and amazing customer service make Doodle Dypes one of my favorite cloth diapers!

E with all 18 Doodle Dypes (before selling a few)!!


  1. OMGoodness!! I did not even know you wrote this for me!! AMAZING!! Sitting here with chills and tears in my eyes!! THANK YOU!!! I would love to share your work on my FB page - please let me know if that would be okay. Hugs and many thanks, Sandy

  2. I completely agree. I heard so many great things on Babycenter's chat that I had to try a Doodle... and now DoodleDypes is one of my favorite WAHM brands as well! Sandy is wonderful!!