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Monday, February 14, 2011

Minky Softness

The Minkie One Size Pocket Diaper is incrediblly soft!  I loved letting Elijah run around in just this diaper so when I picked him up I could feel the softness!  It has a waterproof hidden layer of PUL, with stay dry microsuede against baby's skin.  This diaper does not come with an insert, so I just used some extra ones I have.  The pocket opening is quite small, though it does stretch to stuff it. 

This is a OS diaper, and says it will fit approximately 10-35 lbs.  I think it is best for older or chunkier babies, though.  My 15 month old, weighing 25 lbs and 30" tall, is able to wear it on the smallest rise setting.  He is right in between the small/medium rise.  This would have fit him perfectly a year ago.  He was a chunker, nearly 21 lbs by 4 months old.  I had to look for OS diapers that were slightly larger, and this would have been perfect!  It fits him great now, and I believe will fit through potty training.

Side by side comparison:  Minkie OS Pocket Diaper (NS) and a BumGenius 3.0, both on the smallest setting.

Both diapers on the largest setting.  You can see clearly the Minkie is larger than the BG.

The pocket opening is a bit small.
Becuase it is a pocket, it is very versatile with which inserts you wish to use.  I used either a bamboo/hemp gFlapper or 2 microfiber doublers (extras that are just sitting around).  You could even use prefolds.  No matter what was in the pocket, this Minkie diaper never leaked!  The opening for the pocket is a little snug, so it is easier if you don't have larger hands to stuff the pocket.  My husband wouldn't be able to put an insert in it (good thing he doesn't stuff the pockets anyway!).

Many minky diapers are more expensive, but this is a great affordable, super soft diaper!

This was the best action shot I could get of E.  He's been a bit of a rebel lately when I try to take pictures of him in his diapers.  He's very patriotic, though, in his camo diaper and American flag Babylegs!

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