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Changing Diapers: the Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The SoftBums Echo Dry Touch cloth diaper is an AI2, with a snap in snake style soaker.  The outer shell can be used for mutiple changes.  There are multiple "pods" (soakers) available.  Dry Touch Pods with 2 layers of microfiber topped with soft microfleece.  SuperDry Touch Pods have 3 layers of microfiber, topped with microfleece.  Mini Pods (in either microfiber or organic bamboo) can be used as a doubler.  There is also an Organic Bamboo Pod, made 70% of organic bamboo, and 30% organic cotton. 

This is a One Size diaper, but it has a unique way to adjust the rise.  Inside the diaper is an elastic drawstring, that you pull to adjust it to your LO's perfect size, setting it in place with a small toggle.  The great thing about this feature is there are no "in between" rise settings that can sometimes be an issue with snap down rises.  I now only have 1 child in diapers, so I could easily adjust the rise for Elijah and leave it there until he grows.  But when I had 2 in diapers, I liked OS diapers with a snap down rise so they could both wear the same diapers, with just a quick easy adjustment.  I do not think I would have used this diaper for both kids, since adjusting the rise isn't as quick and easy as a snap down rise.
Adjust the rise by sliding the toggles to exactly where you need for a perfect fit.
Most OS diapers are best for about 10-35 lbs.  The Soft Bums diaper, I believe, is truly a one size fits all!  Because of the unique Slide2Size rise setting, it becomes very tiny, great for a newborn!  The Mini Pods (in either Dry Touch microfiber or Organic bamboo) are the perfect soakers for the newborn size.  The regular Pods are too big when the SoftBums Echo shell is at it's smallest setting. 



One thing you need to be careful with, is to make sure you fold the DryTouch Pod under itself, so only the soft microfleece is touching baby's skin.  As you may know, microfiber is so absorbant it pulls all mositure from baby's skin, which can cause a major rash.  So be sure to fold it the right direction.  The great thing about snake style soakers is that you can fold it in just the right place for extra absorbancy for your LO (typically in front for boys, in the middle for girls). 

Elijah never once leaked while wearing this diaper.  I normally change him every 2 hours, but as a test, left him in this for 3 hours one day.  Though the soaker was very wet, I know it would have lasted longer if I had left it.  But 3 hours was the max I wanted to leave him before changing him. 

The SoftBums Echo has a hook & loop closure, which overlaps.  The hook & loop is very sticky, and seems very durable.

Overall, I think this is a great diaper!  An added bonus is that it is made in the USA!

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