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Monday, April 25, 2011

Update 4/25/11

Ryan had his stitches taken out today, and was released to go back to work. After watching Riley at gymnastics for a little while, he is now on his way in to the office to take care of whatever paperwork he needs to fill out to go back f/t tomorrow.
I am currently waiting on the rehab to get the insurance stuff taken care of so I can be released from the hospital. I will be going to Contiuum Rehab in Flower Mound. It is a brand new facility, near 1171 and 2499. How long I stay will depend on how my progress goes. They said typical stays are 1-2 weeks. Please pray for strength during my 3 hours of rehab each day. I am nervous about the pain, but know I need to push through in order to go home.

Because of my injuries, I can not put any weight on my left foot. However, my right pelvic bone is broken. As of now, nothing has shifted, but please pray that everything stays where it is and nothing shifts in my pelvic bone during my therapy.

My mom is taking the boys to Wichita Falls this week so she can take care of a few things at home. When she returns, she is going to stay as long as we need her, which could be a couple of months. I will be in a combination of a wheelchair, walker, and crutches for the next 8 weeks or so.

I also ask that you say a prayer for the 16 year old driver who hit me. I cannot imagine how she is feeling right now. This is a very difficult learning experience, especially at such a young age. It's something she will live with the rest of her life. I pray that she is able to forgive herself and move on. I am struggling with the words I want to express to her, so I have put off writing to her. I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her family, as well as a kind note letting me know of their prayers. I am unsure of how to reassure her that I have forgiven her, and hold no ill will towards her. I hope that whatever words I do write help her forgive herself, which is the hardest thing to do.

While I have a long road to recovery, I know that God is with us. He was with us during the accident, and protected us. He has been with us during recovery, and will continue to be there through it all.

Thanks again for all of your concern and well wishes! It really means more than you know.

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  1. We will continue to think about you guys! Thanks so much for keeping us updated!