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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update 5/10/11

I had another follow up with the surgeon today.  The dead tissue has spread a little, and though it looks bad to me, it's exactly what he expected..  Good news is it hasn't spread to the bottom of my heel, so far.  It's not very pleasant to look at right now.  They did remove a few stitches where they put the screws in my ankle.  The stitches where they re-attached my heel are still there.

I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon on Thursday.  Most likely I will have another surgery within the next week.  My surgeon said there are a few different ways to treat my heel, but the plastic surgeon will determine which way to go.  One option is a skin graft. 

I will be getting a new cast/brace either today or tomorrow.  It's a special design, so there will be no pressure on my heel.  I am waiting on them to call me back to set up an appointment for them to come to my house. 

The surgeon wants to set up some physical therapy to get my ankle moving, but that will have to wait until after I see the plastic surgeon.  If I were to start now, it would pull at the stitches and dead skin.

I finally mailed a note to the young driver who hit us.  I just pray that I wrote the words God wants her to hear.  Even when I sat down to write the note, I didn't know what to say. 

I will keep you updated after I see the plastic surgeon.  I just hope the surgery won't interfere with the spa day my mom and I have planned for Saturday!  We could both use some pampering this week.  But, if it does interfere, we'll just have to reschedule...

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