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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Update 5/12/11

I had an appointment today with the plastic surgeon about how to move forward with treatment on my heel.  He cleaned it up a little in the office, and sent me home with a cream to apply twice a day to prevent infection.

I will be admitted early next week, for another surgery to clean my heel and to see how deep the dead tissue is.  After he sees what it looks like under the surface, he will determine which way to go. 

Scenario 1:  The dead tissue is just under the surface, in which case he will put a wound vac on my heel.  I will be admitted for a couple of days, and then come home.  Home Health will come check the wound vac daily and change the bandages.  Once the tissue is prepped (by the wound vac) he will do a skin graft using skin from a donor site (probably my arm or thigh).

Scenario 2:  The dead tissue is all the way to my bone and tendons.  I will still be admitted, and most likely will have an additional surgery while there.  He will need to take a "flap" (skin, fat, muscle, and vein) from a donor site (where depends on how bad it is) and attach it to my heel.

Obviously, we are hoping for the 1st scenario.  The 2nd is far more invasive, and will be a 8-10 hour surgery.  So please pray that it has not spread to the bone and tendon.

I am not looking forward to another hospital stay, but at least this time I will be prepared.  I know it will be hard on the kids for me to leave them again for a few days.  But they are in good hands with my mom and Ryan.  They have been so good through all of this.  I have been blessed with 2 amazing boys! 

I will, of course, keep everyone updated.  I know I've said it before, but thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes!  It really does mean so much knowing that there are people praying for us. 

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