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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update 5/3/11

I'M HOME!!!  It feels so ggod to be at my own house, with my family around me.  This is definitely good for my recovery.  Of course, that means getting back to life.  For 2 weeks, my life was on hold while my body recovered.  Though I'm still recovering, life must go on.  Riley still has gymnastics and speech class, Ryan still has to work, kids still get sick...

The first week I was in the hospital, Eli had an ear infection.  Fortunately, it cleared up quickly.  The week I was in rehab, while staying with my parents at their house, Riley had an ear infection.  So bad his ear drum burst.  Good news is he was already at the urgent care center when it burst, so they were able to treat it immediately.  He got 2 shots, plus a script for an oral antibiotic and some cough medicine.  We took him in yesterday for a follow up with our regular doctor.  She said it still looks pretty nasty, and added some ear drops to his medication, with a follow up in 2 weeks.  At least his ear tubes are still in place, so we don't have to worry about going back to surgery anytime soon for that.

Ryan is back to work full duty now.  He had to do a physical test to make sure he was able to do his job to full capacity, which he passed with flying colors!  He was extremely bored with light duty, and is thrilled to have something to do again.

I had a follow up this morning with the surgeon.  He said my right pelvic bone fracture is still looking good, and has not shifted.  This is great news!  If it had shifted at all, then I would be wheelchair bound, and wouldn't be able to bear weight on either leg.  The fracture in my left fibula is still looking good, as well.  They put on a new, slimmer, light weight cast.  I am super excited about this, since the last one was very heavy, and made walking (on crutches or with the walker) very painful on my left ankle.  I think I can even get jeans over this new cast, which means I won't have to live in sweats for the next couple of months!

My left heel is still the main concern.  They re-attached the skin and tissue to my heel in my last surgery, but they still need to keep a close eye on it to watch for infection.  I have another appointment next week, and will also see a plastic surgeon that same day.  Most likely I will have a skin graft on some dead skin on the back of my ankle.  Please pray that it does not spread to the bottom of my foot.  If that skin/tissue dies, then there will be even more long term complications.  I will continue to be non-weight bearing on my left foot til at least mid-June.  He also told me that the screws will most likely come out at some point, after my torn tendon heals.  I originally thought the screws were there to stay, but I guess not!

The boys are adjusting to me being home.  I think Eli is holding a bit of a grudge against me.  He will come to me when he's happy, but still wants my mom when he is tired and cranky.  I am fine with this, mostly because for so long he only wanted me.  It's just nice to see him cling to someone else.  I think it's so funny when I change his diaper, he goes crying to my mom for comfort! 

Riley is extremely gentle with me, most of the time.  He asks me several times a day why I still have a broken bone, and why I have a cast.  It's hard for him to understand since he can't see the actual boo boo.

Elijah has only wanted to nurse one time.  He woke up still very sleepy yesterday morning.  I came out from my room to find him cuddling on the couch with my mom.  I sat down, and he came to cuddle with me.  The first few times he just pointed at my chest and looked at me (his way of telling me he wants milk), he was okay when I told him "all more".  But after a few minutes he got very upset that he couldn't nurse.  He calmed down after a few minutes, but it still made me a little sad that he was forced to wean, and that it wasn't done on our terms.

Life will just be a new "normal" (whatever that is!) from now on, especially over the next few months.  We are just very fortunate and thankful that we still have a life to live!


  1. I asked about you on Saturday to Sharni. I am sorry about the weaning, I can only imagine how hard that was. I still pray for a fast recovery for you, and still get tears in my eyes when I think about how blessed you were the night of the accident.

  2. Thanks, Macy! I was at the Nappy Shoppe today, couldn't stay away;) We do feel VERY blessed. Even though I'm going to have on-going ankle/heel problems from now on, I am just happy that I still have a life to live. I have faced one of my biggest fears, and God has definitely pulled us through. We had guardian angels around us that night. I know some good will come out of all of this, even if we never know what it is. I truly believe that God takes every bad situation and turns it into something beautiful.